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Anonymous said: what do you think i would be if i were in homestuck

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Anonymous said: Are you guys alive?

This blog was created as more of a personal reference.  I sort of forgot about it, definitely wasn’t expecting to pick up followers.  However, I’ll open up for submissions to keep it going.

Homestuck Land Test/Guide


So, it’s finally arrived! 

First off, this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the title test in the way this will work. In fact, this really isn’t much of a test. It’s more of a guide to creating a land based on your/your fan character’s personality. 

As such, this is not going to give you a straight answer! You will have to use your imagination to create the actual land. 

The test instead tells you the “feel” of your land and the quest of your land!

So, enough rambling, lets get started!

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